It was an Elusive African Cup of Nations for Senegal – Algeria Won.

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Bounedjah’s goal in the 2nd minutes of the match did it for Algeria. This is their second win of the African Cup of   Nations finals.

Tough match indeed but the beauty of the game lies in the celebration by the winner. Mane disappointed, Sane disappointed but Mahrez celebrated with Bounedjah.

Something so hard to determine is how to rejoice for victory, one of the most confusing things of all times.

Cisse and Djamel Belmadi Squared it. Good a thing they were indigenous coaches, a plus to African football, they can do it by themselves, North and the west. Africa must be free.

Cold feelings for Senegalese players and fans, but FIFA ranking has been justified. The best African team in the Russia 2018. They were indeed the best in Africa till today, proven.

Cisse encouraged the players that their best was enough for him and they shall continue to improve. Like in operational research, they did their best and in prayers, thanked God for leading them thus far.  They saluted their fans in high spirit. They fought to win.

About 2,500 police officers mobilised around the Champ-Elysees and Arc de Triomphe, France earlier in the day would now have to relax.  France is home to a huge Algerian population due to the country’s colonial history. They partied after the quarter and semi-final. The fear of fans’ exuberance had Senegal won led to the heavy mobilisation of Policemen.

Quality of players and other participating countries is a plus for Africa. Odion Ighalo of Nigeria is the highest goal scorer of the competition. Super Eagles of Nigeria won the bronze medal in Africa Cup of Nations.

Football is a passion.


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