Jeffrey Epistein Victims’ Lawyer May Sue Prince Andrew

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Mr David Boies has urged Prince Andrew to “come clean” with what he knows about Jeffrey Epstein. Mr Boies is part of the legal team representing women abused by Jeffrey Epstein’s Financiers. The Duke of York, Prince Andrew is accused as one of the financiers.

Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself in his New York Jail Cell on Agust 10, 2019. Since then, Epstein’s pals had been asked to say what they know about their friend, Epstein.

Ms Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of the victims has alleged she was lent out to Prince Andrew for sex by Epstein, and such claim has been completely denied by Prince Andrew.

Mr Boies said in an interview on Sky News on Wednesday that it would advance his interest for Prince Andrew to speak to him if he has nothing to hide. When Andrew fails to speak to him, Boies said he would be left with the option of a lawsuit.