Kidnap Kinpin,Wadume Says he Escaped by the Help of Soldiers

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Hamisu Bala Wadume. Photo: Nigeria Police

“After arresting me, they were taking me away when soldiers went after them and opened fire, and some policemen were killed. From there, the soldiers took me to their headquarters and cut off the handcuffs on my hand and I ran away. Since I ran away, I have been hiding until now hat police re-arrested me.”

It is still fresh in the minds of Nigerians that on August 6, 2019, the police detectives attached to the special anti-kidnap squad of the IGP who arrested  Wadume and a civilian were killed by soldiers. The incident happened in Taraba State.

The Nigerian Army said the soldiers mistook the policemen for kidnappers while responding to a distress call. This incidence sparked a public row between the police and the army.

Now, the deserving questions that would be seeking answers from the Nigeria Army are:

Why should the soldiers take him to their headquarters after killing the policemen?

Also, why did they cut the handcuffs in his hands and allowed him to escape?

What has been the efforts of the Nigerian Army to re-arrest Wadume when they realised their men had made a mistake?

The IGP, Mohammed Adamu says in a report through DCP Frank Mba that the re-arrest of the suspect will no doubt help in bringing answers to the numerous unanswered questions touching on the incident and the larger criminal enterprise of the suspect.

Campusaga Media gathered there was wide jubilation in Ibi Local Government of Taraba State as the news of Wadume’s re-arrest got to the towns.

“If it is true that he has been arrested, we hope the security would not give him the opportunity to escape again.” This was the wish of one of the community leaders in Ibi Local Government.