Kimoprah’s Eviction Stun Housemates at BB Naija Pepper Dem

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Kimoprah’s eviction from “BB Naija Pepper Dem” on Sunday stun the housemates. She was the second housemate to leave the house on Sunday out of the five housemates nominated by fellow housemates for eviction on Monday.

The nominated housemates for eviction on Monday include Tacha, Sir Dee, Ella, Kimoprah and Mercy.

Unfortunately, Ella and Kimoprah could not continue their journey for the prize money.

Ella left the house without feelings or attachment to most of the housemates. It wasn’t the same with Kimoprah.

Her eviction was a surprise to the entire house especially the guys. Kimoprah mingles mostly with guys in the house. and she confirmed it on stage at the eviction show.

Omoshola whose trial relationship with her later in the week showed green light must be heartbroken.

Jeff who was also in the race but on a second fiddle must be heartbroken too.

Reactions of housemates on her eviction show she is liked by many. However, their reaction can’t be justified.  They were the ones that put her up for eviction through nomination. Their feeling is tantamount to crocodile tears

Kimoprah is a beauty Queen who has represented Nigeria at Miss Intercontinental Beauty Pageant. The television presenter believes that nothing is impossible to achieve.  She is a 23-year-old lady.


  1. All your friends are rivals in a competition
  2. Self-confidence is not enough to keep one going in a  reality show that the audience has their say. Kimoprah may have thought her antecedents can keep her in the house. Strong fans’ network must be very important.
  3. Who you think you are may not be people’s perception of you.
  4. Housemates need to be more conscious of the game as everyone’s targetting the prize money.
  5. Anybody can be evicted from the house.