Lai Mohammed requests for $500m Loan to rejig NTA to compete with CNN

Lai Mohammed begs for $500M to rejig NTA to compete with CNN

Lai Mohammed has declared that if the $500m loan requested by the ministry is approved, NTA can  compete with CNN. The Minister of Information and Culture stated this in a recent appearance at the Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Loans to defend the $500m loan the ministry applied for from President Muhammadu Buhari’s $29.96b loan for funding critical infrastructure in the country.This statment which has gone viral recently did not find forgiveness in the twitter community.

The Minister stated that the NTA would definitely compete with the CNN “because we have the manpower and the technology.” Alhaji Lai Mohammed stated that the creative industry is not just about Television alone, but film, music, fashion and photography, adding that there was no better platform to showcase Nigeria’s talents than having a digital system.

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Some Twitter users did not express surprise over the recent  statement from the Minister who have been dubbed Minister of “Lie”.






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