Landslide Hits Uganda

Easter foothills of Mount Elgon
Easter foothills of Mount Elgon

Landslides hits the foothills of mount Elgon- an extinct volcano with five major peak

Heavy rain triggered the landslides in  mountainous Buddha district in Eastern  Uganda.

It wrecked havoc as about 150 houses were destroyed and about 50 persons are missing. Five persons have also been confirmed dead.

The most affected areas is reported to have steep slopes.

Similar disasters hit Uganda in 210, 2011and 2016.

The Ugandan government noted that the steep slopes where people are living is too dangerous for settlement. However program is underway for relocation of those villages before the tragic occurrence of yesterday.

Estimated population of 100,000 people are living at the slopes and foothills of mount Elgon.

Efforts of Local Red Cross and local joint police are limited by inaccessibility of some areas.