Latest from Elsewhere on COVID-19

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It is pathetic that More than 30,000 people are now confirmed to have died worldwide after being infected with COVID-19.


President Trump said on Sunday during Coronavirus taskforce briefing at White there will be an extension of guidelines in the US. The US has 139,675 confirmed cases. As of Sunday evening, 2,436 deaths had been recorded in the country in relation to Covid-19, according to figures collated by Johns Hopkins University. Last week, the United States overtook both China and Italy on the number of reported cases.


Nigeria has 97 cases as at Sunday and 1 death case. Movement within Nigeria is highly restricted by the Federal Government and State. By March 31, 2020, all interstate borders will be shut down. Some states have already shut down interstate borders before Sunday. The coronavirus task force arrested violators on Sunday in churches


Spain reported 838 victims on Sunday. New restrictions also came into force in the country, meaning that all non-essential workers should stay at home for the next 11 days.


The death toll in the UK rose to 1, 228 after it was confirmed that 209 people died over 24 hours. Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that things would get worse before they got better.


Australia has tightened its restrictions on movement. Public gatherings are now limited to just two people. Playgrounds, outdoor gyms and parks will close from Monday 30 March 2020


Italy recorded 756 new deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 10,779. This is a slight drop in the daily number of people dying.


France reported 292 new deaths, bringing its total to 2,606. Specially modified trains have begun transporting patients from the worst-hit areas in the east of the country to hospitals in the south.