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Campusaga Media is a brand inspired by entertainment, news and technology. We focus on breaking news, celebrity lifestyles and latest technology reviews. It is started by two wonderful friends, Celestine and  Sunday in 2019 who needed a platform to express their hunger for bringing the latest entertainment, sports and political news and celebrity lifestyle to the user. The platform also conducts reviews on the user consumption of the latest technology and how they impact user behaviour in the 21st century.

We are like a man using light in a night time. We snoop daily for news and entertainment update. The blog focuses on local and global news, media and entertainment and the latest technology reviews.

We strictly uphold the tenets of Journalism profession such as truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness, authentication of sources and public accountability.

We employ blog and traditional media styles to strike a good balance in online news, politics, media and entertainment across Nigeria and the globe.

Campusaga Media gives concrete reviews on Latest technology. The goal is to provide a platform to richly guide the user choices of latest technology devices while taking consideration of the user’s spending pattern.

Because of the value we uphold, we bring you well-researched topics as it happens across the globe.

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