Love for Man and Woman in a Relationship

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love and Relationship

People discuss love every day and one of the turning points for love in a relationship matter is: Whose love should be greater for a sustainable relationship, man or woman?

Campusaga Relationship Therapy snoops to x-ray the meaning of love and how it could be applied in a relationship for sustainability.

Though there are different forms of love, they all have one thing in common: Abstract in nature.

Love is abstract

When something is abstract, it is existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence. Such things to give an example of abstract of all times is Love and beauty.

So love does not attempt to represent any external reality, but rather seeks to achieve its effect using human emotions and appeal.

Love is always attached to something, and that is why it is very dynamic.

It is the most random variable related to human. It takes a different form from one person to another, and from situation to situations.

The reality of life is that Man and woman actually like each other. Men are fond of women and women are fond of men. We find one another enjoyable because we are attracted to one another, we think well of one another, admire. These are natural.

Love for a Man and Woman in Relationship:

The natural phenomenon of likeness become love when it finds a special attachment that will tend to make the natural phenomena develop and begin to attach to our emotions.

This is when one says I think am in love.

It grows depending on the much attachment given to it. And equally disappears when not maintained, and in the midst of difficulties.

Nothing has defined love like sex and its urge. Sex with its urge has been the endpoint of every love affair as far as woman and man not of blood relationship is concerned.

When you are not happy you don’t have the urge to have sex, and such is love. It doesn’t appreciate when one is not happy. Love appreciates more with more positive attachments, hopes and things to come.

Guy meets a lady because he likes her (or vice versa), because of what he thinks of her, and it becomes a relationship when the lady reciprocates. Then guy intensifies efforts to make the lady stay with him and both start watching out for more positive things from the girl or the guy. If such attachments become stagnant at this material time, one or both feel dissatisfied and may begin to try another person.

Why do they eventually get together and go their separate ways again? Because love is abstract.

Therefore to sustain a relationship is just like a scale. There should be an equal load. The moment there is much load on one side it tilts towards the other side and falls.

It is not quite easy to measure the quantity of attachment the couple brings into the relationship to maintain love. It varies from person to person, but immeasurable.

So most of the time the couple endure to keep the marriage or relationship going, not because the ” love” is still what it was at the beginning, and some are not even there again, but because of the implications of going their separate ways.

If you get married, and you quarrel with your partner, then threatens separation or divorce. Every married couple that is sincere you meet will give you the same advice: To keep managing that it is how all marriages are.

The couple you think they don’t quarrel is because they know how to pretend better than others, and the ability to apply a high sense of maturity to put the past behind and forge ahead, just unlike an ordinary relationship that tends to glorify love unnecessarily.