Love is Certainly Not Free

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Love is certainly not free in Nigeria, and what about other countries.  I have always wondered what love really is in the Nigerian context. The global meaning of words is sometimes not applicable to the Nigeria situation. Nigerians tend to give meaning and life to words. It is a statement of fact in Nigeria that, immediately you tell a woman that you love her, you owe her lots of obligation. You have to buy her a phone, recharge it to enable her to remain online to WhatsApp you, and you will have to throw her a birthday party. If you are unlucky you would take on the responsibility of fending for the family. So love to a woman comes at a cost, a very high cost in Nigeria. What about your country?

 While on the other hand, if a man seeks love he has benefits at the back of his mind. He seeks to capture the woman for himself. The woman is a trophy from his conquest. He sleeps with the woman. He dominates her and she becomes his chattel. She becomes by extension, his property.  The man, not only in Nigeria but in many parts of Africa,  gleefully introduces the woman as his wife, and in some cases as property when the woman is not present.

While, on the flip side, a woman falls head over heels in love with a made man. She will, in turn, fall out of love as soon as the made man no longer provides her needs. Made man is he who can provide her needs. Her needs are mostly an iPhone and Brazilian hair (human most times) to the less ambitious, but a whole lot of investment to the more ambitious. These she uses to pose on social media. She has to show off to her friends on social media that she is living the good life.

However, the giving and taking are from both sides. If the man is willing to give and the woman is willing to give something in return. The woman will do well to display her love on social media. Pictures, they say speaks a thousand words. She will splash the image of what love means on Instagram. If the man is lucky, she will display his picture as an act of kindness and show the world that he has been taken.

Man and woman are guilty when we want to show an act of love because of what we usually think that love represents

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