Man Allegedly Rapes 40 Women in a Year

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Muhammad Zulfara’u Alfa has confessed to Police in Kano that he raped 40 women including an 80-year-old woman and children less than 10 years old, in a year within Kwanar Dangora in kano state.

Muhammad Zulfara’u Alfa was arrested by Police on Tuesday when he has entered a house to rape children. Muhammed met deadlock at his crime scene. The mother of the victim had observed in the night that the light in the children’s room was off and she had gone to know the cause. Surprisingly he saw Muhammed on top of one of her daughters. When she shouted, Muhammed picked a race, but was followed by the husband who caught him with the help of neighbours.

Women of Kwanar Dangora who were his victims gathered on Tuesday to see their tormentor. They had nicknamed him “mai siket”, the man who loves the skirt.  They also made official complaints to the police and hoped for severe punishment.

“Na true say i rape over 40 women within one year for Kwanar Dangora town and i dey regret wetin i do, e get one time wey i rape an 80-year-old woman wey dey stay alone for house and also some children wey be less than 10 years old.” DSP Abdullahi Haruna who interpreted him in Hausa said.

Muhammed had broken many marriages in Kwanar Dangora as some men had rejected their wives who were victims.

Mallam Ahmadu Ya’u who is the chief of Dangora town told BBC Kano that the entire town had been praying for the arrest of Muhammed.


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