Man Declared Missing Allegedly Killed by Wife

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It seems most strange that one should be killed by either the wife or the husband. But this points to the fact that many marriages are working. Enemies are living in the same house as husnabd and wife.

Irrespective of the degree of provocation or offence, killing is a crime and very wicked way of ending a relationship or marriage.

The first-day couple met, they welcome each other with smiles. What each carries into the relationship must not be far from joy and goodwill.

hey continued to beam smiles even at the traditional marriages and wedding in the presence of God, relations and friends. The smiles are full of hopes that they are compatible and would go on to build a family. All prayers to the success of the marriage.

Why should it lead to doom thereafter is a question both married and single should answer so as to end the ugly trend.

According to Ibiye Dokubo, Inedukoba  Charles Tyger and the wife Ajemina Douglas has not been in good terms since she alleged that the husband impregnated another lady.

Ibiye Dokubo raised the alarm notifying the public on Facebook on February 26, 2019. Family and friends joined in declaring his missing.

It is a serious investigation that the wife was accused of killing Charles. She was arrested by the police. Guilt does not allow evil to prevail, and she showed where the husband was buried. It was in a shallow grave in Abalama Sand field Asari-Toru Local Government Area in River State.

Behold Ineduoka Charles corpse exhumed on Tuesday, June 25, 2019.