Meetings for Minimum Wage ended in “Seriatim of Wages” for Nigeria Workers

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Three days meeting for minimum wage between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Labour Unions ended in “seriatim of wages” for Nigeria workers.

The minimum wage agreed by the labour unions and the Fedarlagovernment of Nigeria Thursday night (third day of negotiation) ended on the following Minimum wages increase for Nigeria Workers:

According to Festus Keyamo, the Minister of Labour for State in his twitter handle early Friday morning, “At about 3 am this morning, we signed this Terms of Settlement b/w Govt & Labour which reveals different percentages of adjustments in other wages after minimum wage adjustment. Those of the law enforcement agencies have also been done, but not captured  in this memorandum.” The various increases  for Grade levels are:

GL 07 – 23.2%

GL 08 – 20%

GL09 – 19%

GL10-14 – 16%

GL15-17 – 14%

The NLC and TUC were happy for the adjustments and agreement finally signed. They applauded the FG for their wisdom and sincerity.