Mention your Ilya to keep a Date as Campusaga Visits Kegite’s Shrines

Kegite club
Kegite club

This time Campusaga took its usual snoop to Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. The student Reputation Monitor (SRM)- Campusaga, was endeared to a student galore where the mix of the talking drums and gongs was much agreeable to the ear. That was kegite shrine. This is a socio-cultural club in higher institutions in Nigeria that believes strongly in Unity in diversity and has extended tentacles to other parts of the world.  Campusaga stood still, nodding the head to the melodious tune and folktale songs being responded to by karid (members) in gyration (dance and merriment). When Campusaga had the privileges of speaking with the Chiefo, a number of things were revealed.

The kegite club was the foremost socio-cultural group in Nigerian Universities and colleges formed at Obafemi Awolowo Univerity Ile Ife which has remained the world headquarters and officially established in October 1963. Keg of office (autonomy) was later extended to other institutions who found the activities of the club interesting. The kegites club international is known as supereme comradium. The University of Ibadan is the national headquarters. The motto of Kegite club is Unity in diversity. Campusaga learnt that what they were putting on are regalia, capito and neckito. The chiefo noted that the club test of karability include: the ability to vibrate,songitize, drumatize,cowarize, migrate, gyrate and imbibe. These are of course characters possessed by members. When Campusag asked about the clubs colours, the chiefo said green stand for palm tree shade, white is the purity of the palm wine and brown the colour of wine keg. The chiefo further said the aim is to promote African culture, resuscitate cultural awareness of the old,  promote peace among human races, discourage tribalism.

When Campusaga wanted to know about other positions in the club,  the chiefo shouted and mentioned the club has elder, feda, parrot, philosopher,  HOD, songito, migrator, marshal, lupour, zoo commandant, adjutant, curator, spedu, eldersis council, chiefesis council, spider. Chiefo referred campusaga to some slogans used in the kegites club like kegistic langwaja, ilya, baby ilya, shrine transformation/liberation, zoo.  Campusaga picked interest in the Ilya, but the Chiefo was karid again by the mighty sound of the talking drum, and he has this to tell campusaga: go to hemisphere and emusifires to find out the ilyasis.

Can you please mention your hemisphere, emusifire and ilya for Campusaga to keep a date.