Mercy’s Pepper Still Stimulating: Her Plans for Ike

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Mercy,  the winner of BBNaija4 -Pepper Dem had been busy with Media tour. Her pepper has been stimulating as usual.

One of the questions that follow her everywhere she goes is the future between him and Ike.

Mercy had not for once wavered in her answers. It has been a strong affirmation that they have a very good future together.

It has not been feeble like that of khafi and Gedoni, Frodd recently opened up there was no love between her and Esther. Not much is heard of Elozonam and Diane.

Ike brought flower to Mercy on the stage as she was declared the winner. And in a related interview to Ike, he confirmed that Mercy being the winner of BBNaiaj- Pepper Dem is quite positive for their future.

Mercy always assures herself that Ike fits the position of her man, and said she will do everything with Ike and looks forward to working with him as he is ambitious and would push her to achieve more.

It will be a big plus to the reality show “BBNaija” if another family will spring up from Season 4 as it was in Season 3.