Mohammed Bin Salman Gives More Freedom to Women in Saudi Arabia

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Mohammed Bin Salman is truly set to transform the economy of Saudi Arabia. The transformation plan he unveiled in 2016 especially to grant more freedom to women is not mooted at government level as being speculated.

The royal decrees released on Friday lift more restrictions on women in Saudi Arabia.

Women in Saudi Arabia will no longer need  permission of husband or male relation to travel or obtain a passport. The publication on official Saudi Gazette on Friday stipulate the right of every Saudi citizen to obtain a passport. Like in most other countries of the world, it is only minors that need guardian’s approval.

Before this decree on Friday, women must seek the permission of husband or father or related male citizen to own a passport and travel.

It is also on the gazette released on Friday that women can now register child birth in Saudi Arabia. The decree also grant women the right to register marriage or divorce and be issued official family documents and be legible to be guardian to children who are minors.

Women’s employment is not an exception in the official gazette published on Friday. The documents say all citizen of Saudi has the right to work without facing gender, age or disability discriminations.

Women represent significant number of unemployed in Saudi Arabia, and according to recent  world Bank figure,  around 20percent of the present women workforce in Saudi Arabia was unemployed in 2018.