Monalisa Stephen Says the Organizers of Big Brother Naija Raped Fat People

Nollywood actress, Monalisa Stephen says the selection of housemates for the BBN “Pepper Dem” was not free and fair.

Monalisa Stephen is protesting for the orobos, the very fat people, the plus size. She said none of the housemates in the present BBN “Pepper Dem” represented her size.

She is protesting that such exclusion of fat people is tantamount to rape.

“You call a show”Big Brother Naija” and none of the contestants is fat. It’s so sad that there is nothing in Nigeria that is free and fair.”

“You must have a connection here and there. There are many intelligent, smart and beautiful plus size men and women who are qualified to be on the show. Depriving them of such an opportunity is not nice, hence the word “rape.”

“I don’t mean that Literally. You don’t only rape people by pulling off their clothes.”

Monalisa’s complain may also touch the very short who was also excluded. However, getting it right is a continuous process.

BBN organisers may have taken note of this for what is good for the goose may also be the gander’s wish.