No fire Service in Anambra as Inferno Wrecks Havoc in Onitsha

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More than 50 lock-up shops were gulped by fire in Onitsha, Anambra State on Wednesday. Most pathetic was a woman that died with her child. The woman carrying her baby reportedly tried to jump out of her shop, but mistakenly stepped on a slippery object and fell into the gutter raging with fire.

Residents, including old men, women and children in most of the building were trapped. Youths had to climb up to three to four-storey buildings to rescue them as the fire was fast-moving from one building to another,

However, over 30 private and government-owned transport companies, including Luxury bus operators along the area escaped being caught by the fire.

Cause of the Inferno

Trailer loaded with PMS lost control around Toronto Hospital, at Upper Iweka, on the Enugu-Onitsha Expressway, Onitsha and crashed inside a pavement in between the expressway as it veered off the service lane, and there was an explosion.

Disappointment from Anambra Fire Service

There was no presence of fire service from Onitsha or Anmabra for some hours the fire lasted. Rescue came from the Delta State Fire Service, Asaba.

The Melo Drama

Two toilet drilling tankers on their way to dumpsites were forced by angry youths in the area to use the faeces, mixed with water to put off the fire.