Noble Friends Guild (NFG) Has Recipe for Relaxation Before the Next Day’s Function

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Noble Friends Guild

Noble Friends’ Guild (NFG) is a non-political registered association, a corporate body that knows what it takes to relax before the next day’s function.

Travelling from very far places and decided to have a rest at Asaba, a kinda simple dinner later to be dubbed “Asaba 2019” wasn’t a bad idea for this guild. The guild was heading for a common function the next day at Onitsha.

NFG is made of up promising young men and ladies with a common goal of changing the world around them through interactions, sharing of ideas and to help one another. Campusaga Media spotted this group in Asaba on Saturday, September 20, 2019, in exhortation and sharing ideas for progress.

What should occur to many of gathering and relaxation of such young men and ladies would be frivolity and immorality. No such non-value added relaxation for these young men and ladies. It was a value-added evening, such a recipe for relaxation.

One of the members, Johnson Nweke, also known as Sir J told Campusaga Media that the group has a compendium called “Nobles Hour”, soon to be released to the Nigeria youths for reorientation and better Nigeria. “No one can change the world around him alone, that is the essence of the Noble Friends Guild, we are one family, ” Sir  J told Campusaga Media.