Okada Ban: No hope for Okada, Keke, Opay, Gokada and MaxNg riders

okadaban sustains in Lagos

The ban on Okada and Keke on major cities of Lagos yesterday has been sustained till today. According to eye-witnesses, unprecedented calmness was restored yesterday for the first time in Lagos. Lagosians experienced orderliness like never before as majority of road users maintain that Keke and Okada constitute nuisance in the streets. However, the police turned the situation into a money-making venture as any Okada rider captured is meant to pay heavy fine or forfeit the bike.

After Effects

Many twitter users are wary of the loss in businesses this will constitute to the residents. In fact, a Gokada rider claims that she makes 20k daily which is close to 600k in a month. A total ban of okada will definitely affects her only means of livelihood. Consider the lines of businesses that rely on the Okada businesses. Apart from the importers who will lose billions, the spare parts dealers, the roadside mechanics, the riders and family members will definitely be affected by the ban.

Can you guess how many okada riders are in Lagos? 100, 500, 1000? That’s the number of families about to be affected by this #OkadaBan. Yet they’d have to still pay house rent and feed

The ban also affects the road users themselves. According to a twitter user

It was not so cool going out yesterday, due to this OkadaBan. I feel its common sense that there are places it should not be enforced. Like who ban motorcycle from riding on Apapa road? For the “enforcers” this is a money making machine.
Some complained of trekking long distances yesterday to their various destinations.
Okadaban in Lagos people trekking

Why Opay, Gokada and others are affected

Lagos State Government responding to questions as to why the ban affects the registered Operators like Opay, Gokada , MaxNg and others:

They have also been found to be part of the problem. The truth is that Okada, no matter what fanciful name it’s called, is not part of the Greater Lagos journey on which we have embarked. Our youths no longer learn the trades we are proud of-tailoring, bricklaying, printing, painting and others. Now we get artisans from neighboring countries. Okada is not an enduring trade.

The Lagos state Governor, Babjide Sanwo-Olu on his twitter handle claims that:

The #Okadaban is actually a fight against Obesity so my people e̩ mafọ. Thank You
He went further to state that Isrealites are not obese like NIgerians. Hence, he is the Moses of our time and so we should follow him to the promise land.
okadaba in lagos
However, many road users are claiming that tomorrow being MOnday, a normal working day in Lagos will provide a real test of this OKada ban.
Okadaban throws Lagos into hardship