Opening Arguments for Trump’s Impeachment Trial

Opening arguments for Trump impeachment trails was garnish with lots of political wits and history of impeachment Trials in the United State of America.

The opening argument for Republican and Trump’s legal team was presented by Pat Ciplonne, the White House Counsel. He proposes the organising resolution as sent by the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnel on Monday. Ciplonne asks the Senate to accept the proposal for the trial. Finally, he opined that the President did not commit any impeachable offence.

Lead House Impeachment Manager, Adam Schiff (D) gave a lengthy response. He emphasised that the resolution had not presented a fair trial, and called the process rule as presented by the Senate Majority leader “dangerous nonsense” if witness shall not be called. Adam Schiff reiterated many times asking if there would be a fair trial. He reminded the senators that the oath they have taken is for them not to engage in partial justice, but a fair trial. Adam Schiff quoted that the constitution of the United States says, “The senate shall have the sole Power to try  all impeachment.” The lead impeachment manager alleged that the President made about 12 of his officials not to testify.

The House Impeachment managers tendered a lot of exhibits that included President Trump’s obstruction on September 9, 2019.

Down memory lane, Adam Schiff presented history and precedent and showed document in Senate Trials. He told the senate that Judge Claiborne impeachment trial has 19 witnesses and over  200 pages of new documents.

The lead House Impeachment Manager emphasised the importance of obtaining evidence in trials. He said fundamental fairness requires evidence in trials. He went further on history and precedent and counted that in full Senate impeachment, there is new evidence, and there had been witnesses in every trial. The average witness heard is 33, and hundreds or thousands of pages of new document.

The House Impeachment manager further  presented what the impeachment rules should be

Rule 6: ” Senate shall have the power to compel the attendance of witnesses” and “enforce obedience”

Rule 7:Presiding officer may “rule on all questions of evidence”

Rule 11: “to receive evidence and take testimony”

Rule 16: “question with respect to the admission of evidence”

Rule 17,18,19: questioning witnesses

Rule 25: swearing-in and subpoenaing witnesses

Adam Schiff did not stop at these. He looked at the history and precedent that supports need for witnesses. In the Senate Trial of President Johnson in 1868, there were 40 witnesses and 37 new witnesses. During the trial of Judge Pickering in 1804, there were 11 witnesses and 11 new witnesses, and for Justice Porteous in 2010, witnesses in the Senate trial were 26 and 17 new witnesses.

Clinton precedent allowed both parties to negotiate and agree to the process. It allowed all of the Clinton Document to be provided before the trial. All of the Clinton witnesses testified before the trial and trial does not require salacious testimony.

Adam Schiff said President Trump’s ongoing obstruction requires subpoenas now. He alleged that President Trump is responsible for witnesses failures to appear before the house and that if President Trumps wishes to contest the facts, he must not deny access to relevant materials. He advised that the president must not be allowed to mislead by releasing some documents but not others. ” you may infer from his ongoing refusal to obey subpoenas.”

The lead impeachment manager, again, said that fairness requires voting against the resolution and American people deserves the full truth.

Jay Sekulow is Trump’s personal lawyer. He was key in helping Trump navigate Mueller probe. Jay spoke for the legal team and refuted all that Schiff inferred. Pat Ciplonne who took the floor again told Adam Schiff he was unfair with his presentation by asking President Trump to do all that they, the house,  denied him during the House impeachment trial.

It was Rep Zoe Lofgreen, one of the impeachment managers that spoke on what fair and legitimate trial should be

  • Evidence is directly relevant
  • Stop President Trump’s concealment
  • American deserve the full truth
  • Fairness requires a full record
  • She  that white house documents are necessary

Her argument were repetitions of  Adam Schiff, but in different ways.

Campusaga Media will keep you updated with the proceedings of the Senate Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump.