Outcome of FG/ Organised Labour Meeting

Organised labour suspends strike for two weeks following the outcome of FG/ Organised Labour Meeting held in the early hours of Monday.

The outcome of the meeting include to cushion the impact of oil sector downstream deregulation and tarrif adjustment in power sector as Federal Government will implement the following:

1. A specific amount to be unveiled by FGN in two weeks’, time will be isolated from the economic sustainability programme intervention fund and be accessed by Nigeria workers with subsequent provision for 240,000 under the auspices of NLC and TUC for participation in agricultural venture through the CBN and the Ministry of Agriculture. The time line will be fixed at next meeting.

2.Federal Government will facilitate the removal of tax on minimum wage as a way of cushioning the impact  of policy on the lowest vulnerable.

3. Federal Government will make available to Organized Labour 133 CNG/ LPG driven mass transit buses immediately and provide to the major cities across the country on a scale up basis thereafter to all states and local government before December 2021.

Reactions of Nigerian through Channels Television handled  as as follows:

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