People of Enugu West Jubilate as Ike Ekweremadu leaves the Senate

Senator Ekweremadu
Senator Ekweremadu

Senator Ike Ekeremadu represents Enugu West in the  National Assembly. He is happy and grateful to God he turned 57 years yesterday.

The birthday celebration also marked his 25th Wedding anniversary.

Senator Ekweremadu has represented Enugu west in the Senate for four tenures. Good service to his people may have been the reason he was elected for the fifth time.

The people of Enugu West must breathe a sigh of relief as he set to leave the red chambers after completing his fifth tenure.

The political giant announced he will quit the Senate in 2023. The good work for his constituency kept him in the National Assembly for 20years. He boasts of the harvest of projects for his constituency for the long time he has stayed.

The senator-elect feels there is a new breed of politicians who shares in his visions to take over from him. However, some people of Enugu West breathed a sigh of relief.

The time Ekweremadu spent in the Senate is a rare opportunity for any politician. Senator Ike Ekweremadu who is considered a perfect gentleman by many didn’t give a damn to the feelings of his people for these years.

He said the remaining four years in the red chambers would enable him to complete ongoing projects for his constituency.

The deputy Senate President is likely going to be the Senate minority leader as the new national assembly takes off.