Polytechnic Ibadan Adopts New Way of Fighting Exam Malpractice

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Examination malpractice is a pariah. All institutions must say no it. It is neither good for a student indulging in it nor for the society at large.

To advance the frontiers of education in any country, examination malpractice has to be discouraged at all levels.

Universities and polytechnics have to always wage fight against examination malpractice. Moreover,  students should help selves to stay away from it.  Examination malpractice adds nothing to their future and the country.

Polytechnic Ibadan took a bold step on Wednesday to discourage examination malpractice in strong measure. The Management of the Polytechnic destroyed about one thousand mobile phones. The destroyed phones are worth millions of naira.

It is good to know that they are mobile phones used for examination malpractice by the students of the polytechnic in the last one year. Once a student is caught cheating with his or her mobile phone, such a phone is seized and will not be returned to the student. The school management says it is a way of reducing examination malpractice through ICT.

Mr Bayo Oyeleke, a senior lecturer in the school and immediate Deputy Rector of the Polytechnic says that students are always warned not to take a mobile phone to examination halls. Those that refuse to heed to such warnings have their phones seized, and won’t be returned to them. Equally, he added that such a measure is a deterrence to those who may wish to indulge in examination malpractice using their phones.

Mr Bayo Oyeleke supervised the burning of the phones at the Institution on Wednesday.