Profile of the New Speaker of British Parliament: Lindsay Hoyle

Here is Lindsay Hoyle as profiled by Andrew Pierce in the Daily Mail:

Born in Chorley, Lancashire, where he went to the local state school, he’s lived in the town all his life. The Hoyle household was a political one.

His mother served on the council until his father, Doug, became a Labour MP in 1974 – the same year Hoyle married his first wife, Lynda, with whom he had two children. They divorced in 1982.

Doug retired as MP for Warrington in 1997 and now sits in the House of Lords and still going strong at 89.

The new Speaker became a councillor for Chorley aged 22 – then the youngest to have done so in the local authority – though few in his party had given him much hope. ‘I thought, well, I like that challenge.’

“We’ve got to make sure that tarnish is polished away,” he added, in reference to recent rancour in the House of Commons largely over Brexit.

Hoyle pledged in an interview published in the Sunday Times — in which he introduced his parrot “Boris” — to repair what he claims has become a “toxic parliament”.

“I don’t want the abuse of each other and I think we have got to close that down quickly and make sure it is a calmer place to be,” he said.

Boris Johnson Congratulates Hoyle

Welcoming him to the role, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Over the years I have observed that you have many good qualities.”

Johnson added Hoyle would bring his “signature kindness and reasonableness to our proceedings.”