Protracted Nigeria Minimum Wage

It is not yet uhuru on new minimum wage in Nigeria. The negotiation which started in 2015 to help Nigeria workers cope with the increase in fuel prices by President Mohammad Buhari has for four years remained unsettled.

It started with the haggles on what shall be the new minimum wage. It took the Labour Union and Federal Government 3 years before arriving on N30,000.

Again the implementation was a problem and that led to One year gap that later led to three days of negotiation with the labour union which finally became “Consequential Adjustment on the New Minimum Wage”

Group 1 (CONPSS)
• GL 07 = 23.2%
• GL 08 = 20%
• GL 09 = 19%
• GL 10 – 14 = 16%
• GL 15¬- 17 = 14%

• GL 7/Equivalent = 23.2%
• GL 8-14/Equivalent = 16%
• GL 15-17/Equivalent = 10.5%

The Nigeria Governor’s Forum had on Monday, 28 October 2019 said the of payment of minimum wage consequential adjustments will be determined majorly by the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of each state and the number of civil servants on their payroll.

Speaking to journalists after the meeting, the Chairman of the Forum and Governor of Ekiti State, Fayemi Kayode, gave an assurance that governors are ready to comply with the 30,000 minimum wage as agreed by the tripartite negotiation committee. However, he explained that they cannot be forced to comply with the consequential adjustment.

The labour movement in reaction to the decision of the NGF had said on Tuesday 29 October 2019 that the decision of the governors is not unexpected but they are equally prepared for them.

However, Simon Anchavar who led the labour team to the joint National Public Service Negotiation Council said the minimum wage is a law already signed by the President. In his words,

“Since  it is a law, the state government must pay; First and foremost, they should declare how much they are collecting from their  respective state revenue, then we will know if it is commensurate to pay minimum wage.” He further said “give and take” talk may be expected.

Labour will again be meeting on November 5, 2019, to address the joint council at various states. It has been gathered by Campusaga Media that labour is open to negotiation with the states, and would welcome implementation that takes into consideration how much the various states earn monthly.