Pull Him Down Syndrome

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Pull him down syndrome is like a popular saying that “nothing sells like bad news”. This axiom is very true owing to the fact newspapers with screaming headlines that announce scandals tend to sell. This is especially true of yellow journalism and the tabloids that expose lurid details of the weak side of celebrities.

People love sensational stories about the very powerful in society. We tend to feed on the lurid details and feed on the carcass like greedy vultures. We hate the powerful with a passion because in the inner recess of our hearts we believe our hearts that they have gotten to the level they are owing to their belonging to secret cults. We believe they are members of a cult or must have sacrificed hence the reward by an evil force who owns the earth.

We love to believe outlandish stories about the rich and famous. It is no wonder people, not only in the African continent but in other parts of the world that Bill Gates is championing the new world order that would be led by the Illuminati. People have tended to buy it line hook and sinker.

It must have been embedded in our DNA to be jealous of our fellow man. It seems to be an inherent trait to be jealous of the successes of other persons. It is no wonder when the story of Cane and Abel was been related in the bible that the former killed the other out of jealousy. It does not have to say, well…except in the case of morbid jealousy.

Yours sincerely thinks that jealousy and envy are for the weak-minded. A person can be galvanised into action owing to the fact that your fellow man is succeeding rather than hating a successful person. At heart, we all want to be as successful as the other man. We all want to have the basics of life and even more to do as we wish. Yes, at the bottom of our hearts we want to be successful and own the best life has to offer. Very few ever get to satisfy their heart’s desire to be at the top. When we do not get the top, we definitely have that anger when those we feel do not deserve what they possess.

Humans have a tendency to either be jealous or afraid of what they do not understand or outrightly consider it as evil. We are also afraid of things beyond our comprehension. Man has subjugated his fellow man through a combination of higher intelligence and cunning. People of higher intelligence have always been viewed with suspicion owing to the fact that they were usually ahead of their time. Man is an animal-filled with loathing, jealousy and fear. Our fears have always dominated our existence. The fear of failure, the fear of being found out, the fear of inadequacy, the fear of …

Man developed from the gatherer stage to this level through an incremental accumulation of knowledge. There were high casualties in an attempt to conquer and tame nature. The hitherto evil forests which were no go areas or considered as sacred groves had to give way to economic activity owing to the demand for products to meet the requirements of man. Those who possess some level of higher intelligence and bravery to go beyond the ordinary had lorded it over the others.

In times past, the warrior would naturally subjugate others to act according to whims and caprices. They were the ones who went to wars and brought back the spoils of war. These spoils of war included humans who were taken in as slaves to carry out work for them at their farms or other jobs. The warriors were thus at a higher level in their society compared to those who do not go to wars or did not possess material things. Owing to their wealth, they naturally could take in more wives and have more children and in turn form alliances. These alliances even went beyond their local setting depending on the mode of production at that material time.

The world has not really changed owing to the fact the modern entrepreneur can be likened to the warrior who is willing to take risks. The risk-taker definitely would get rewarded for his adventures. If perchance he loses in his venture, he bears the brunt.

By not taking risks, we are therefore ready to live the uneventful life. The uneventful is made for the non-risk takers who are ready and have agreed to live their lives on the ground. Those who have agreed to live their lives on the ground should not begrudge those who have decided to climb the tree of life because in the tree of life there are bound to be mishaps arising from the fall from one of its branches. While those on the ground have the insane desire to pull down those who are on the tree.

This is more so in Nigeria where our love for the not so pleasant life of the successful is like an elixir. It gives those at the bottom of the tree the wonderful pleasurable feeling that they are after all also mere mortals like all of us.

Another lesson from the bible is apt at this moment owing to the fact that it captures the need for risk or aversion to it. The parable of the talent it apt owing to the fact that the three persons that the master gave talent to before setting out on his trip are a true representation of how we would behave given the same opportunity. While one of the servants did well by investing the talent and doubling it before his master’s return the third one decided to bury it until his master requested for it. The anger of the master against the third servant was palpable thus making him punish the servant while the one that double the talent was added the one taken from the indolent servant.

Even if people continue to get their kicks from the fall of the successful, the feeling is only for a while. The never do wells and the indolent will continue to remain at the abyss owing to their aversion for risk and the wherewithal to engage in inspiring activities.