Queendalyne Tracks “Family and Friend” from All Sides of Queen (EP)

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Queendalyne tracks “Family and Friends” from her EP- All Sides of Queen (ASoQ). She is the new super voice in Afro-Pop and RnB.  Among the songs in All Sides of Queen is the “Family and Friend”


When one feels switched off,  there are people always by one’s sides. It doesn’t really matter where they come from. It could be the family or friends that people always refer to brothers or sisters from another mother. They stood by you in thick and thin.  Queendalyne feels these people should be celebrated at all times. After God, they are there for you. Everyone has these set of people.

When Campusaga Media spoke with the super Afro-Pop artist, she has these to say:

“Family and friends is a song I wrote during my quiet time. Sometimes I meditate about how people go through tough times and still have someone standing beside them and encouraging them.

“According to the lyrics,  those people who give you hope when you can’t find any are family and friends. I have experienced such in my life but when I looked back I see people who always give me a thumbs up and that act always feels good because I believe everyone needs a backbone.

“So I recorded this song to extend my gratitude and express myself about how I feel or rather how it feels to have such people in your life, appreciating them for the support and quickly promising to be there for them when the need arises.”

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