Quest for Wealth Lands University of Ado Ekiti Student into Madness

ado ekiti student on drugs

It all started in front of NNPC along Iwokoro as he alights from Akoto( a ten passenger shuttle).

An eye witness says he was coming from EKSU Campus. It was a full cycle of a surprise for people to see him show some display of insanity. The show disrupted vehicular flow as he lay down on the road.

The insanity later goes violence as he attacked passersby. He damaged phones and valuables of those who tried to stop him.

The chant of “Aje oo! Aje oo!” meaning wealth in Yoruba made many people suspect he is a “yahoo boy.” Some say he made be in for money ritual which is not dissociated from “yahoo boys.”

inside photoHowever, people’s pity for him did not stop. He needed to be stopped as he already constitutes a nuisance to the environment.

If people’s speculation is anything to go by, it goes a long way to confirming that the “yahoo boys” are always on the go of making money at the expense of anything.

Get- money- quickly makes young men engage in the unscrupulous means of acquiring wealth, and yahoo-yahoo is the new trend.

Many money rituals and evil deeds had been associated with boys into the dirty business. Their atrocious acts range from pilfering girls pants to getting female or male private parts for use in ritual.

Young men should watch it. The inherent dangers are more than the tales of huge money associated with it. Its involvement is criminal in all ramifications.

It is a piece of good advice that young men should strive to make money genuinely.

One good thing is to make money and be healthy to enjoy it.