Reasons Why Neymar Rejects a 100 Million Euro Bonus From PSG

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Neymar turns down a 100 million euro offered to him by PSG as a reward to stay in the club. He has till 2022 to end his contract with PSG. The league 1 was terminated last week and the club was awarded League 1 Champion for 2019/2020 season.

Neymar is ready to accept a pay cut to leave PSG to former club FC Barcelona as the season ended. Neymar is desperate to leave as he is ready to accept half of the salary he currently earns in France. However, PSG will be forced to sell him either this summer or next so as to prevent him from leaving for nothing.

The 28-year-old came to PSG in 2017 as the most expensive player in the world. That was with a lot of excitement and expectations. He was widely applauded by fans who thought to stay at Barcelona dominated by Lionel Messi’s performance for FIFA Ballon D’or award overshadows him. Three seasons after, Neymar is willing to go back from where he comes from.

Questions yet to be answered are why would he want to go back to the club he left to seek for more recognitions while Messi is still playing at the club?  Desperate as he is willing to go back to his vomit, Barcelona Board told L’Esportiu that his arrival this summer is practically impossible even though they are willing to sign him.

Neymar has been unhappy with PSG over injuries. Above this, what do you think?

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