Reasons Why Tacha Was Disqualified From BBNaija -Pepper Dem House

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Watch the Video Below: Fight Between Tacha and Mercy

Tacha was disqualified for BBNaija to maintain its credibility.  This assertion was from the opinion poll collected by Campusaga Media from the fans of the reality show and Nigerians after Tacha was disqualified by Big Brother Friday evening.

Tacha the self-acclaimed “No Leave, No Transfer” of the BBNaija -Pepper Dem house was disqualified by Biggie Friday evening as a result of the fight between her and Mercy Friday morning.


When the head of house Seyi collected the scroll from Biggie, as usual,  every housemate was expected to be at the lounge before the information could be passed. What held Mercy from joining fellow housemates on time as expected could only be explained by her.

She was yet to join and explain herself before Tacha took it up and passed nasty comments on Mercy: That she would have remained there. See details on the video below

See how… How Mercy goes naked


Like the lady she is, Mercy could not ignore her like fellow male housemates that Tacha has fought,  abused and insulted in the past: Thelma, Jackye, Esther, Mike, Elozona, Diane, Frodd.

The exchange of nasty words and abuses on each other later led to body contact of the two housemates. Tacha shoved Mercy twice at the lounge. Such was adjudged by Biggie as an assault from both housemates. Further at the wardrobes where the fight continued, Mercy swirled her hairs(wig) to Tacha’s face. Mercy felt pains as Tacha pulled her hair out of her face for a second time. Mercy picked pressing-iron to hit Tacha. The fight would have escalated beyond what it was if not for the intervention of fellow housemates

Watch the fight: Royal Rumble TACHA VS MERCY


Tacha was issued three strikes at once and was disqualified for shoving mercy twice and pulling her hair twice. Mercy was issued two strikes at once for picking pressing iron to hit Tacha


Apart from #team Tacha#, Nigerians expressed dissatisfaction for negative values that  Tacha upholds in the Big Brother House: Pride,  arrogance, nagging, laziness and her immoral believes circulated on the social media by her fans.







They were already tired of Tacha. Being put up for eviction for every Monday eviction nomination is a strong indication. All housemates were pleased with her disqualification.


Nagging to disqualification and money machine for the organisers of BBNaija. Left without winning or gaining anything from the reality show. She stayed 89 days in the house and quarrelled with most housemates.


The smart housemate who bought immunity into the finals of the reality show, and seeing Tacha as a threat with the natural rivalry of the womenfolk, she ensured Tacha left the Big brother house without being a finalist. This was the last thing Tacha and fans had expected. Much focused on the game in a very trickish manner was Mercy.


Friday evening, there was a surprise eviction from Biggie. Cindy was the unlucky one among the nominated housemates for eviction this week. She left the house. Cindy was not given much chance by the fans of the reality show to stay the long she did.

There are nine housemates in the BBNaija -Pepper Dem house. The game hardens every day and the winner could soon be predicted by fans.

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