Reflection: Gang up for Trump Started 4 Years Ago

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Gang up for Donald Trump started 4 years ago immediately he won the election. This reflection is a Facebook post by one our writers on November 11, 2016, four years ago. The gang up was captured as:

Before the election, I never supported Donald Trump; I was for Hillary Clinton even though I couldn’t vote for any as a non-American that I am and not staying in America as well. My support was like many others all over the world like me. I must confess I could hear Trump campaigning but never listened to him nor picked interest in what he says and seemed to represent for those who voted him and gave him victory. I liked listening to the soft spoken Hillary Clinton in her gentle approach which I also presumed endeared her many rapt attentions from people like me. So I wasn’t a good listener to Trump because of the way he says all he had said. Thanks to many who did, and especially to those who voted him.

Trending from the Anti-Trump Protesters endeared Donald Trump to me as the President Elect of the United States. The protesters are vindicating Trump and those that voted him. It is from the protesters that I had listened to Trump and probably why God had made him to win. I think he had won for sanctity of humanity.

Matters arising from the protesters as I culled from various trending include:

Demonstrators said they were aware that protests could not reverse the election, but still felt it would have effect on the future. Future for insanity in the U.S? (this question is strongly mine)

Trans-gendered women among the protesters joined in the demonstration because of their fear for what Trump-Pence White House holds for the nation’s LGBT community. So gripped by fear and exploring options to move away from the U.S, they were among the protesters.

Those vouched for same-sex marriage were among the protesters because Pence has opposed same-sex marriage and expressed support for shock therapy for people with same-sex attraction – imagine!

Students Unions that offered sessions of meditation, discussions and tea had this to say:
“The nation in which you currently reside decided last night to elect a President whose own words have painted him moral and possibly physical hazards to many of us.”

The University of California, Berkeley created safe space for minority students and for those who might be illegal immigrants. There are also special “healing spaces” for women and those who identify as lesbians, gay, bisexual, or transgender (Who says these categories of persons were not among the protesters?)

According to the email sent to Berkeley student from four of the university’s vice chancellors and others:
“We know that the result of yesterday’s election have sparked fear and concern among many in our community; in particular our immigrants and undocumented communities, Muslims, African, American, Chicanx/Latinx, LGBTQ+, Asian and Pacific Islander communities, survivors of sexual assault, people with disabilities, women and many others” (

These were some of the reasons for various protesters among which was a lady who I may say in her personality disorder shit on Trumps postcard in the public and used her hand to mix and plaster it on the postcard.

Would Hillary Clinton have been a better President if she would be silent to all these reason for protests?

I don’t think the protesters are good Americans, for all they represented so far.

The keywords that represented the protesters are: Immorality, Same-sex marriage, illegal immigrants, transgender, lesbians, gays, undocumented communities and personality disorder.

Now in 2020, the gangs up only compounded because Trump never withered in the policies he started with four years ago. His low rate of commitment to fighting COVID-19.  Biden has capitalised on that as a winning formula, promising a leadership for all Americans and high commitment to fighting COVID-19. It worked out perfectly for him and now the president elect for the United States of America.

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