Regina Daniels Set to Attend Somadina’s Birthday Party Tonight

Regina and Somadina
Regina and Somadina

Campusaga gathered from a close source that Regina Daniels is set to attend Somadina’s birthday party tonight. Campusaga snooped to get the amazing news after Regina’s fans were still confused on her birthday wishes to the ex-boyfriend on Instagram today.

Regina Daniels is in the celebrity gossips and news for the past few weeks.  The social media went agog on the news that she is getting married to Ned Nwoko. Ned Nwoko, a 59-year-old man,  is a Nigeria businessman turned politician. It has been mix feeling among Regina’s fans on such choice. Yvonne Jegede, Tonto Dike, Sex Therapist Jar

uma are celebrities who threw their weight behind Regina.

Campusaga gathered that Ned Nowoko is staying with only his fourth wife from Morrocco. The rest as counted in numbers are ex. It may interest one to know that Ned Nwoko doesn’t give a damn to all the gossips in social media. He is a man who enjoys his life and money. Having Regina Daniels as his wife to add to his enjoyment wouldn’t be bad at all.

The close source told Campusaga that the media would be crazy later in the day when Regina would be spotted in Somadina’s

birthday. ” The Instagram post she made without given a damn to what meaning would come out of it is an indication”, he said.

Regina took to her Instagram to say: “There is no other male friend that can take part in my life. This is true because you have been the best of them since this day. Happy birthday, baby.”

She posted these close pictures to leave the fans thinking what Ned would make of such posts.

Ned Nwoko is planning a lavish wedding with Regina Daniels to end the social media speculations and gossips.