Robotic Thread-Like Device is a New Discovery for Stroke Prevention

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Photo Credit: MIT/PA

Stroke occurs when blood supply to part of the brain is being cut off and over 80 percent occurs due to blockage.

Thread-like robot device that delivers drugs inside the brain during the critical hour after the stroke has been developed by scientists. The device carries a laser which could be used to clear clogged vessels in the brain. It is half a millimetre thick and several centimetres long device.

How it Works

The core of the thread is a nickel-titanium alloy. The tip is covered with magnetic particles.

Outer hydrogel coating dramatically reduces friction.

Thread bends when a magnetic field is applied, allowing it to be steered throughout the blood vessel.

Through these means, it glides through the brain’s blood vessels to tackle blockage that causes stroke.

Stroke-related death in a year in various part of the world is about 35, 000. The device would definitely reduce the death rate due to stroke-related cases.