Sales of Tickets Corruption at Nigeria Train Stations

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The attention of the Ministry of transport is called to this before it turns a systemic corruption.

Sales of tickets corruption at Nigeria Train Stations are passengers experience in recent time. The attention of Campusaga Media was drawn on Sunday by a Passenger who travelled from Kaduna to Abuja through the rail.

“I needed to catch up on a flight at Abuja by 5 pm. Considering the menace of kidnapping along Kaduna – Abuja Expressway, one of the solutions is to get on the train from Kaduna to Abuja by 10:35 am.

I arrived at the Rigasa, Kaduna train station at 7:28 am. The tickets sales began at 8 am according to the officials. They sold 59 tickets from the males’ queue and 29 tickets from the ladies’ queue and closed sales after an hour. The officials told the passengers the train is filled. The train was yet to arrive at this time.

When the train arrived by 10:30 am,  the officials announced the availability of tickets for passengers who wish to stand. The massive crowd outside rushed to purchase the tickets for standing. These tickets were suspected to be sold without accounting to the government. The capacity of the train is 88 multiplied by 9 coaches, this is 792 passengers. Therefore as at the time, they closed sales, about 704 seats were suspected to be vacant.

More than 500 passengers bought these tickets and boarded the train. An army officer on mufti who wanted to correct the dismal behaviour was humiliated by a police officer on duty who was assisting to protect these corrupt officials.

It was disgusting to realise that 90℅ of the seats in the train was empty when we finally got inside for the standing. These passengers who bought the tickets later sat comfortably on seats.

It was disheartening that similar events occurred at  Kubwa station, Abuja. Some passengers related the same problem at Idu station.