Sara Netanyahu Convicted in Court for Buying Catered Food

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Sara Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu is the Prime  Miniter of Isreal. His wife was convicted today, Sunday by Jerusalem magistrate court for using the state fund to buy catered meals.

The original charges accused her of paying $100,000 (89,000 euros) for hundreds of meals from a variety of well known Jerusalem businesses declaring falsely there were no cooks at the residence.

The caterers included an Italian restaurant, a Middle Eastern grill joint and a sushi house.

This is an act termed to be fraudulent because there are cooks at the prime minister’s official residence.

However, plea bargain saw her admit to lesser charges. She was found guilty of exploiting another person’s mistake.

Sara Netanyahu was fined 10,00 shekels ($2,800) and ordered to further reimburse the state with 45,000 shekels.

Many troubles for Netanyahu’s Family: Sara Netanyahu is also sued by former cleaner for maltreatment while Benjamin is facing possible indictment for bribery, fraud and breach of trust in months to come.

The Prime Minister is seeking legislation that would make him have immunity.