Say No to Suicide- It is never a Solution to Your Problems.

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Campusaga Media is touched that between 6th April and 16th May 2019, there were about 9 cases of reported suicide in Nigeria and many more may have not been reported because of stigma.

It is quite touching that according to the World Health Organisation, WHO, an estimated 800,000 people die by suicide annually and Nigeria now ranks among the top suicide-prone countries.

According to the World Population Review, Nigeria, with a crude suicide rate of  9.5  per 100, 000 population ranks 10th in Africa and 67th in the world.

It is not good to take your life.

It is not good to kill yourself.

Even with the associated vagaries, Life is still good. God is the goodness of life because He is above all things, solutions to your problems inclusive.

While you think of those problems hanging on your neck that you may wish to kill yourself, also think of the ones you didn’t know how they were solved, the very day when you were not expecting solutions to a problem but from somewhere it got solved. Testimonies of such are abounding.

All life problems can be solved. It doesn’t just come for your best wishes, but must surely come. Resolving some life problems is not your sole responsibility. The handwork of God must be there, and you know what, it must surely come.

Please don’t ask for how long you would wait. It could be the next one minute and the whole thing bothering you is all over, but definitely, it is not by taking your life.

When you take your life, you inflict pains to yourself and especially to your lovely family and friends who will cry painfully and wish you have not taken such action.

When you take your life thinking is the end of your problems, it is quite uncertain where you will be after the painful death. Definitely, it is not going to be in heaven, as heaven abhors suicide.

Hope keeps every human being going. No one is without problem even though there are those who had more. But yours cannot be the highest.

When you die and in the spirit world you have the ability to see those alive and know their problems, wouldn’t it be a huge regret to you that there are those whose problems are many times more than yours and they still have hope it will be over, and keep living?

So Life is good. have you asked yourself why even at the point of death people still regret they are dying? It is because Life is good otherwise there shouldn’t have been regret.

It is also regret that makes one drop a suicide note before dying. The reason is that even at the point of death a dying person still wishes he could live.  Suicide note is full of regrets, and that implies they wished they had lived. So you can’t join them.

Say No to Suicide. It is never a solution to your problems!

All your problems must be solved!

Life is Good and always better!