Smart Lady Scare Bad Boys at Onitsha

Bads girls
Bads girls

After my visit to Niger Optical, MCC Onitsha, I decided to check on a friend ‘cos it’s been ages we saw each other. After the surprise visit, she walked me to the popular DMGS round-about where I’ll take a bus going to Tarzan junction.

We had a small gist before my bae went back to her workplace before her Oga will notice her absence.

Finding a bus seemed a bit difficult because it was afternoon and most drivers will like to load directly from the Main Market. I stood there admiring the splendid work of art of our governor which stood at the center of the busy round-about.

I was still wallowing in the thought of how the art was done when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw a guy (cute though) shining his 32 in a mischievous manner.

“Asa kee way”?  He said.

“Good afternoon,”  I replied as ezigbo nwa (humble lady) not knowing I was just being polite to an idiot. As I said the good afternoon, he came a bit closer( maybe he thought I am JJC)

He then said ” just nyem phone gi na wallet gi. Emekwana mkpotu oooo. Maka I mee mkpotu eeeee, I ma like ife I ga afu hia” (Give me your phone and wallet, don’t make noise otherwise you know the result)

I  gave him a mischievous smile before I ask, “”nwanne, I kanye na ile? Kee ka m ga-esi nye gi my phone just like that? Na ofu Onitsha anyi a?  Nwanne,  akuko gi adirokwa mma oooo. Wetuo obi” (switched to the native slangs and to tell him she grew in Onitsha and what he was saying may not be possible)

The guy was dumbfounded but pressed further by saying, “asa, ijikwa m egwu egwu ooo. I ga ekwelukwa na ona eme oooo”. (You are playing with me)

Just then, I noticed another guy coming towards us and when he came, the other guy asked him

“Wetin sup for ur side? ”

The guy smiled and said “udo sup godu full time ” wetin dey sup via u and the babe?

“Kedu ife oji egbu oge?” (why is she wasting time).  By then, I already lost interest in leaving cos it seems I was kind of enjoying the drama.

The first guy just held his friend’s wrist and said, “Onyea( pointing at me) bu Italian. Hapu ya biko kanyi choo olu ozo.  Nkea bu badluck”. (Leave her we should look for another job, the lady is a badluck)

He then turned and looked at me saying “Onye mgbu, ifuro ka idi?  Nwoke isi be ya puta enyero gi ego.” (abuses on her)

Advice: Umuazi nile no Onitsha na a form guy man. U may end up submitting your valuables to a fellow novice if not careful. Always shine your eyes but chetakwa na ezigbo ndi olu nokwa ya ooooo (remember there are real bad guys). By their approach and countenance, you shall know them though God won’t allow us to fall victim.