“Song of Tears” by Lauren Danjuma

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Song of Tears is a deep touch on the lives in Nigeria since the lockdown to fight the spread of COVID-19. Lauren Danjuma is a lovely mother and a poet from Kogi State Nigeria. She was much concerned about the less privileged who had been living on people’s mercies, and now that everyone is asked to stay at home, where would their next meal come from? Even when market days were relaxed, many would have nothing to buy because they had no money. Worst still, As every day passes, it was an enigma of continuous death courtesy of same killer disease. Finally, the poem ended with the personification of life in the pandemic as ‘a hard nut to chew’.


If Wednesdays and Saturdays were brothers

Then restrictions are the father of five

If from hand to mouth we live

Then survival is but a struggle

For days of sales and gains, we wait


As the going gets tougher

For underprivileged folks to stomach

Like it would never end

The song of tears they sang

Gnashing and wailing in distress


For as the moon gets darker

So the sun gets thicker

As the rain gets thinner

So the grave rejoice

For she’s got sundry visits


All across borders

Oh! Life, a hard nut to chew


Written by Lauren Danjuma

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