Stalker Stabbed to Rape Victim in Kano- Ladies Watch your Back

Rape Victim in Kano
Rape Victim in Kano

Campusaga media snoops to gather that a stalker was bent on raping his victim in Kano. The stalker followed the female victim, a nurse to her duty post at a clinic in Taludu quarters, Gwale Local Government area. He tried to rape the victim and stabbed her as she resisted.

However the 20-year-old boy, Bashir Yahaya was arrested by the police for the act. The stalker left his victim with a deep cut on the neck.

Stalker is one who follows and watches someone illegally. It could be by following the victims in person or monitoring them. Stalker follows the victim around, send unwarranted gifts, calls victim even if they change phone, invades privacy and space. The act of doing this is stalking. Stalking has things in common with harassment and intimidation

Stalking is done in many ways. Type of stalking goes as the act or name suggests.  Various motives make stalkers indulge in the act. The stalker can be a male or female

Rejected stalker begins to follow and monitor the victim after a romantic or close friendship has ended. The stalker is still wishing the victim should have reason to be with him or her. Erotomania is related to this as it is like an individual’s delusion of another person. It could be called infatuation.

Intimacy seeker is also a stalker. He or she follows and monitors the victim to seek intimacy. Predatory stalker follows to gather information of a victim in order to attack, and in most cases a sexual attack. Predatory stalker gets pleasure in monitoring the victim.

Stalking can last up to two years and many victims change location to escape their stalker. While some stalkers stop following a victim after a period, others bent on achieving their aim, and hence attack the victim.

To deal with a stalker, one has to be calm. It is also good to pay attention and mix things up. If you are a victim, try and go where the people are, don’t be alone. Break out your phone on a stalker, and you can call the police.