Sunday Trading

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Trading on Sunday has been a controversial observance over the years. While some see it as a day set aside to rest and worship God, especially in most part of Africa, others see it as part of the weekend when one ought to take some days off work.

Whereas it is a personal decision for some people to trade on Sunday, others view whatsoever reason for trading on Sunday as being selfish and insatiable.

Service-wise those in essential services like the nurses and doctors, law enforcement agents and others work on Sunday. One may ask if that is trading.  But still, it is a way of making money, activities of selling goods and services.

According to opinions gathered in the survey, those that view trading or working on Sunday as disrespect to God, selfish and insatiable, still go for essential services when the need arises. Such emergency and essential services make those condemning it on the religious and other points of views not to argue it to a logical end.

Campusaga Media went round to find out that trading or working on Sunday is a trade-off between personal decision and the work type. Whereas it is so in some country, some other country like France has Sunday trading law.

French labour laws ban employees of large supermarkets from working beyond 1 pm on Sundays. Though in recent time, the large supermarkets have started violating the law by having self-check-out stations in operation. Campusaga Media gathered that Sunday afternoon of August 24, 2019, local unionists stage a protest against such violation by Geant Casino.

What is your view on Sunday Trading?