Takeaways from Organising Resolution for Trump’s Impeachment Trial

Trump’s impeachment trial begins today. The Organising resolution had been sent by the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday to Senate offices.

The organising Resolution contains proposed rules for the impeachment trials.

Here are some takeaways from the document

  1. All evidence  from the House Representatives’ impeachment enquiry must be printed out and made available to all Senators before the lawmakers will be able to vote on admitting the materials at a later time
  2. The Senate will debate and vote on these rules Tuesday.
  3. The Democrat impeachment managers and Trump’s lawyers would be given 24 hours each to present their cases. Under these rules, each side’s presentations must take place over two working days in the Senate – meaning that presentations could go late into the night.
  4. Thereafter the presentations, senators are allowed to question both sides for a period of 16 hours, though it does not place a restriction on the number of days for the question period.
  5. Votes on calling witnesses or documents will not be allowed until after the question phase of the trial.
  6. Senators will be given four hours to debate witnesses and documents. A simple majority vote of 51 senators is required to pass a motion to call witnesses or documents. There are currently 47 Democratic senators, which means four Republicans would have to join all Democrats in voting for witnesses.
  7. The resolution also allows for a motion to be introduced to dismiss the impeachment charges outright.


Convicting Trump

Convicting Trump and removing him from office requires a two-thirds vote in the senate which is currently controlled by Republicans.