Teaser Clip of Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, Violates Decades-long Unwritten Rule of the Royal Family

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Teaser clip of the last month’s  African tour by Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and five months old Archie released on Thursday while Prince William and Kate are on a four-day tour of Pakistan was considered by those closer to the royal family as a violation of long decades of an unwritten rule of the palace.

The unwritten rule is that members of the royal family do not overshadow an official overseas visit by more senior royal. TheTeaser clip does to the tour of Pakistan.

Harry and Meghan: An African Journey is an upcoming ITV Royal documentary. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex opened up about some challenges imposed by their status. While Meghan Markle talked emotionally on the challenges of being a new mum, Harry was emotional on how important Africa was to him as he came to terms with the death of Princess Diana.

The ITV documentary, Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, will air on Sunday at 9 pm. According to Tom Brady, it will reveal the “happiness” alongside the “pressure and pain” of being royal.