The Crown of Thorns – POEM by Lauren Danjuma, Dedicated to the World Against COVID-19

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COVID-19 is evil and it has done its worst to the world. It has taken the world a million backwards. The world is prayerfully battling it with all resources, and the poets have their resources on the nib. Lauren Danuja is a Nigerian and a poet from Kogi State, a lovely mother.

“The Crown of Thorn” is a title dedicated to the world against the novel CoronaVirus- COVID-19 ravaging the world.  Lauren says the world is in pains and agony, and the worst, “death knocks on doors of a handful at a time.”  The poem describes the condition of the carriers of the virus and the end thereof.

The Crown of Thorns equally addresses the measures taken so for,  especially by her beloved country Nigeria. The poem noted that the most painful measure to curb the menace is, ‘….. stay at home…’. Examples are brothers restricted from burying their beloved that died after been infected by the virus. The poem traced the ordeal of the virus to people’s pockets and found they are empty and the owners brazenly awaiting severe hunger. Finally, the poem begs COVID-19 to leave.

It is a poem of 50 lines, divided into 8 sestets and 1 couplet from a second-person point of view.

The Crown of Thorns

The world was in her enthusiasm

When you appeared as a Christmas gift

Was it a gift?

Oh! What a gift to end the year

A gift of crown laden with thorns

For swift from Wuhan you came


China! China!!

Your whip of death

Oh we wept and weep

They say you seldom last

But the world you proved wrong

Dancing around the world


Spinning like a tornado

Leaving destruction in your wake

Pumping our hearts with aches

Spreading all your venom

Sparing neither young nor old

Contagious oh! Contagion


Worlds’ worst nightmare

Flee, the world is fleeing

Away from your magnet

To take refuge in hidden tents

Constraining to her fate

Staring at Mother Nature from the gaps


The nations’ Corps in action

To aid strict compliance

And curb your menace

For deadly as death you are

The world dreads your presence

Forcing your way to the people


Like a troop of soldiers at sunrise

Pushing to her enemy’s camp

Gbim! Gbim! The sounds from your captives

For breath, they wheeze

Hey! Novel corona, your remedy we have

Caution! Caution! Caution!


Social distancing for all

To stay at home is for the people

Quarantine is for your captives

And to Self-isolate for tourists

The measures all nations seek

To flush you away from mother earth


For our heart is deep with grief

And loved ones restrained from their corpse

Savings and Stomachs are wailing in chains

But hitherto cannot be set free

Your strikes are without mercy

Your victims you barely spare


Oh the gift of crown laden with thorns

When will you be spent?




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