The Murderer – A POEM by Ob’lama Gabriella Ojima

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The murderer is a poem by Ob’lama Gabriella Ojima. Ob’lama is a student of the University of Abuja, a poet, spoken word artist and a volunteer. She is a lover of music, Africa Heritage, nature and Movies

Ob’lama used murderer to speak of the vagaries of life on the street. It is never an easy world: grief, tears and pain everywhere. How painful it is for one to lose the love of her life to the roughness of the street was told in the theme of love, maltreatment and betrayal in Ob’lama’s piece. The revenge was a show of love but a fruitless effort in devastation.

Those who live on the street and chased away by the COVID-19 lockdown will always add to the story of their horrible experience.


Tears flow like rivers day and night

Worn out am I with weeping and grief

All through the night, I sat looking at the frame and tears poured out uncontrollably


Why did you have to punish me like this?

A sidekick you claimed he was but you sold him out to the street to be killed

He was all I had left in this world, this you knew

He was precious as gold but like a common clay pot you treated him

Into deeper darkness have you thrown me?


You called allies from every side to treat me like a thing of filth

At my pain, you looked and laughed

I trusted you with everything was all that echoed in my head loudly driving me crazy


To the street I took

The street where you always at

How stupid, was your thought of me coming to reverence you

My Mac4 pistol I brought out aimed at your neck

The trigger I pulled, a silver bullet to the throat

As the ground sucked in your blood and welcomed your lifeless body giving rest to my troubled soul

My mouth whispered DIE YOU MURDERER!

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