The Road – Poem by Lauren Danjuma

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The road is a poem by Lauren Danjuma. She is a Nigerian poet whose poems have touched lives, and in this poem “The Road” she advised the uniform men to discharge their jobs with due diligence.

The poem describes the road as being in existence for over a long period and people need to apply caution while making use of it. The poem reminds road users that the road neither forgives nor forget.

She anchored the case study on uniform men who when deployed to routes to ensure safety end up overlooking traffic offences by conspiring to take bribes (bribes that does not make them any much better than they were); hence, exposing innocent lives to the dangers on the road. It is expedient to note that some of these traffic offences such as bad tyres, shattered windscreen beyond the drivers’ view, overloading of persons and goods, traffic light violation and lots more most times lead to crashes.

Another instance could be traffic offenders whom when apprehended manoeuvre and meander away for if they escape a team, they’ll meet another team ahead. To hoodlums who disrupt the highway by reaping where they’ve never sown amongst others, the poem also reminded them that the road never forgets as their lot is buried on it. The poem, in a nutshell, is a clarion call to doing the right thing on the road by adhering to its strict compliance, and for hoodlums to stay out of the road and engage their lives usefully.

The Road

For ages, I have known you

You’ve been here before my birth

So, with caution, I journey

Leaving my footprints sticking

On your body like a tattoo


I daily mark my presence

Like the breath, I sniff to live

Yes, I sometimes dash my foot on hitches

But I press on to the mark, my destination


Your traitors you never forgive

And their deeds you hardly forget

For lives, they sell for dough

Dough that vanishes


Like darkness sighting light

On you, their lot is buried

For your stretch cannot be spent

Like river Nile, to search


For at the fade of one path pops the other

I do not dread to tread on you

For my destination is sure.