Themba Ntuli’s Wedding Reveals Real Reason Some Ladies Marry Very Short Guys

Themba and Palsea
Themba and Palsea

If you don’t know him, Themba Ntuli, aka Themba Mncube is a popular  Zimbabwean Actor and a well known performing artist in South Africa. Themba Ntuli is not new, he has been in the movie industry for decades. His childlike height or diminutive nature gains him a lot of attention. He is a writer and producer as well. He became a writer because many don’t know his capabilities, maybe for his size, and he decided to write a script for himself. He is a man of faith who believes in himself. If you watch him speak you see the real confidence in Themba. How easy it is to tap into childlike roles by an adult must take lots of talents to achieve. According to him, “God has downloaded a lot in this body, and people must know why they are born the way they are, that it is for a purpose.”

Recently Themba got married to his heartthrob Palsea and social media got crazy. Palsea is about 28 years and a beautiful graduate. Themba is a husband who stood on a height to kiss the beautiful wife on the wedding day.  Many guys would wish it was them that beautiful Palsea could have married. But why mustn’t it be Themba with all the quality packed personality he is. They have been dating to get married and must have found the real good matching and compatible demeanour in each other. So both deserve each other. Isn’t that important than any other damn sentiments stocked in your head? And to Campusaga, that is real love.

To some ladies, even with his money (not quite very rich though) and popularity, Themba wouldn’t be a choice. But, Themba and Palsea’s wedding should be one of those examples why ladies should ask selves, “why would I actually get married to this guy.” The variability in people’s love life cannot give one an answer. The only answer lies in that particular reason why you want to get married to your guy. The answer is love.

Let’s take another look at Palsea’s case. Palsea chose Themba not because the time to get married is against her. She is about 28years old and never an ugly lady. Her beauty alone and good size is capable of attracting lots of other rich guys,  have height and good looking than Themba. She is a graduate and not lacking in good training to be scared of having other such men. She simply loves Themba.

Themba’s wife is not the only case for example; the popular Aki, Chinedu Ikedieze of the Nollywood industry also got married to a fine looking lady, Nneoma on November 26, 2011, and the social media went agog too. They reportedly met in Lagos during movie production. Nneoma is a costumier and mass, communication graduate. She didn’t consider his height.  Relationship with love is like a spark and there is no particular way it could get underway. It is just a happenstance that would give rise to friendship and then comes the intimacy and all that. Today they are still happily married. No traces of undue expectation that crashes some marriage. Themba and Palsea wouldn’t be different.