TikTok App and 58 Others Banned in India

Tik Tok and 58 others apps are banned in India for engaging in activities prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of the nation. The apps were accused of threatening the defence of the country, security of the state and public order. Camscanner, Mi Video by Xiomi are among the top list.

The bitter relation of India and China is also a reason for the decision. Indian Army, including a colonel  and 20 others were killed in China on June 15.

Tik Tok has it’s a huge market in India with over 200 million users. However the ministry of Electronic and Information Technology of India regretted the misuse of the mobile apps as several complaints have been received that it transmits users data in an unauthorized manner. The ministry noted the ban is to ensure sovereignty and safety of India Cyberspace.

One of the examples cited by the ministry is that Tik Tok was recently found accessing users data on Apple’s iPhones. Though that Tik Tok promised to stop it, but India was determined to ban it.

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