Tonight’s Champions League Free Prediction

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Tonight’s Champions League free prediction from our expert will make you smile.

Here are the two matches with our expert predictions

21:00                 Atletico Madrid   Vs     Liverpool                               X2 & Ov 1.5

21:00                 Borussia Dortmund  Vs   Paris Saint Germain            GG & Ov 1.5

Atletico Madrid came out from Group D with 10 points while Liverpool made it from top of Group E with 13 points. While Liverpool won 9 out of their last ten matches and drew 1, Atletico Madrid fluctuates and won 4, drew 4 and lost 2 out of their last 10 matches. While Liverpool has 100% chances of scoring goal in today’s match with a 20% chance of conceding a goal, Atletico has 60% of scoring a goal with 70% chance of conceding a goal. The average goal for Liverpool per match is 1.8 while it is 1.1 for Atletico.

Borussia Dortmund made it from the Group F with 10 points and PSG came out top of Group A with 16 points. Borussia Dortmund won 5, lost 4 and drew 1 out of the last 10 matches but PSG won 9 and drew 1.  PSG has 100% chances of scoring a goal with a 50% chance of conceding a goal in tonight’s match while Borussia Dortmund has an 80% chance of scoring a goal with 70% chance of conceding. Average goals per match for PSG is 3.3 while that of Borussia Dortmund is 2.9.

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