Transgender Personnels to be Flushed out of the US Military

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump on Friday had victory in the court to ban transgender people serving in the military.

The US Military has about 15,000 transgender personnel. They received the court ruling on Friday with great fears.

The ban kicked off on April 12, 2019, before it went to court. Under the terms of the ban, trans people are subjected to total exclusion for enlistment unless they hid their gender identity.

Serving military personnel with such gender bias are beginning to hide their identity too.

Trumps says the ban is because of the high cost associated with treating military personnel for gender dysphoria. He also blamed the transgender personnel for causing tremendous disruption within the armed forces.

Despite the claims by Trump, all four military service chiefs testified before the Congress that there was no negative effect during the three years in which Obama opened the door for trans people to join the army.

However, Trump’s claims for the transgender military policy is in conflict with other countries as  Canada, Germany, Uk and Australia.

These countries have trans people to the army without issues.

Lt Col B Fram representing trans service members through an advocacy group has this to say.

“The impact of the ban is that we are denying ourselves, future heroes, our nation needs the best and finest to fight and win the future wars and we are turning away people just because they are trans.”